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Okra GTK Demo

This is an unfinished project!

The Linux demo will likely only work with lots of fiddling.



Thanks to CL-GTK2's author Dmitry Kalyanov for his help and patience and also thanks to several #lisp residents for testing some of my builds.

This post should be treated more as a work-in-progress report1 than as the blog I hoped I could publish, which would have had a title like: "Easy cross-platform executable delivery using CL-GTK2 and Okra".

So this post should be considered as a first step and perhaps a helpful reference for people with the same intent as I did. It should definitely not be treated as a completed project or as a reference on the proper way to build such things in Common Lisp (CL)!

I set out to write a little demo that would have an Ogre window embedded in a GUI application and that could distributed as an executable on both Linux and Windows. (I have neither access to nor experience with OS X.)

I settled on CL-GTK2 for the GUI2. I also wanted it to work on SBCL for Windows so that ruled out using threads. Not a smart decision on my part since it would have been better to use a separate thread for the GUI. Eventually I didn't use SBCL on Windows anyway since it didn't work out how I initially used CL-GTK2. (It might work using #'GTK:GTK-MAIN but I never tried.)

Keep in mind I used Glade to construct my GUI. CL-GTK2 comes with many examples if you want to construct your GUI programmatically.

Things to be aware of when embedding an Ogre window in GTK

Unresolved issues

Notes on the source-code

The source-code is in a "Hey it compiles, ship it!" state, albeit a little cleaned up. Still I think it is more useful to no source-code at all. The intention was to provide a single package that would work on both Linux and Windows, hence the init.lisp script.

I got familiar with CL-GTK2 and GTK throughout this project which explains several awkward constructs in the source-code.

The demo uses keyboard scan-codes. I know this is hopeless.

I'm depending on the keyboard repeat for continuous movement instead of the key press and release events like one should for nice control and feedback. Check the Okra demos for how that should be done.

This project was developed on Linux using SBCL 1.0.31.debian and GTK 2.18.x and on both Windows XP and Vista using Clozure CL and GTK 2.16.x.


1 On which I won't be spending any more work in the near future.

2I tried out several GTK and QT bindings for CL and CL-GTK2 was the easiest to get working on both Linux and Windows of the active projects.